Gratitude is the fucking attitude. There’s a one in a trillion chance you would end up being here on this planet, living the life you have. Appreciate the magic that brought you here.

The Leopard

The most intense feeling in the world could have taken place just before my very eyes in that garden and, being myself completely oblivious to it, it just rushed by me like any other passerby.

Digital Transformation in Higher Education

The future of digital media in higher education will be about paring down mass advertising and focusing on one-on-one conversations. Advances in software capabilities will enable us to leverage demographic, location, interest, social and intent data to build custom audience profiles by segment and deliver tailored messages at the individual level.

The Immersive Experience – VR

Virtual spaces and games have ample opportunity to replace billboards and banners, and I envision new interactive kinds of ads, like virtual kiosks and terminals – perhaps staffed with live but virtual people – will proliferate as the numbers begin to justify the ad placements

The Strong Impact of Wearables

Once upon a time not too far in the past, pedometers were considered your everyday wearable. They simply clipped onto peoples clothes and recorded valuable information for them to check at their leisure. These days, the pedometer has exponentially grown — a lot.

Synthwave level | Zeitgeist

That satisfied-but-anxious feeling you had watching Terminator for the first time, that inexplicable sense of comfort you got every time the Beverly Hills Cop intro came on, these sensations might just bubble up again

The Future of Branding

It is amazing to witness how many unqualified people are prepared to make an assessment of design work, and are prepared to employ their knowledge and insight to cast any amount of scathing criticism – It is no wonder that many designers are paranoid when their work is released